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What to wear at a paint party?

So you are going to a UV paint party…  You are going to get paint on you so you need to be prepared (clothing wise) for the night.  You can read a bit more about what a paint party is here.

Wear flat shoes
Tie your hair back
Buy a decent boiler suit
Buy UV facepaint
Wear white clothes
Wear fluorescent clothing
Wear freaky white masks
Consider wearing shorts
Tie you hair back
Put your important belongings i.e. phone in a ziplock/plastic bag
Consider wearing  a morphsuit

Wear heels
Wear your best clothes
Put on your brand new trainers
Be frightened to wear old skool ravers wear!
Forget to put some nice clean clothes in the cloakroom for after the party – or the after party! (you don’t want taxi drivers turning you away because you are too messy!)
Wear anything suede – it will probably get ruined.

Although our Luminosity UV paint is non-toxic and non-staining it can still stain some fabrics so it’s best not to take any chances.  So basically don’t wear your new £150 jumper – it’s not that type of night!

Wearing cheap white or UV fluorescent clothing is a good move.  The white and the fluorescent clothing will look great under the UV lights.  You can buy quite nice cheap white clothing from places such as Primark, H&M and other places on the high street.  If you decide to wear something that is of reasonably good quality then we always sell boiler suits at our events. Be warned – Do not buy the suits from the poundshop they invariably do not keep the paint out!!!

Regarding footwear, wear an old pair of trainers or flat shoes.  We always provide non slip matting at our events because the paint can get extremely slippery and after a few shandy’s you have got no chance!  Wearing heels to an event like this is a bad idea!!

This is not a be all and end all list…  If you can add anything to it please let us know :)


Do they have a regular foam party in Brighton?  Can you hire a foam machine in Brighton???

First things first, for those that have never visited Brighton before, it is a cosmapolitan city by the sea.  It has loads of stylish, individual and quirky shops which make a very refreshing change to the clone high street we see more and more of up and down the country!   Brighton also has a buzzing nightlife with hundreds of different venues to go and visit.

We have compiled a list of Brighton Nightclubs – in no particular order with the types of music they play.  Have fun clubbing in Brighton!

The Honey Club – student nights in the week, R&B on Fridays, House and good promoters on Sat

Coalition – Trash Mondays (Top Student Night) – Fridays anything goes – Saturday check website for details til 3am then Blow afterparty till 7

Audio – Something on everynight – a real “clubbers” club with specific genres played and big names from the underground playing all the time – no commercial stuff here

Digital – Infamous pound-dance on a Wednesday – the poundland of the nightclub world, Stonelove indie disco on Friday – independent big promoters on saturdays – check website for details

Concorde2 – A venue as opposed to a club.  Amazing sound system, great live music of all kinds, good club nights – you can find everything here, check website for what on.

The Funky FishAwesome little club, loads of funk, soul, a bit of 70′s and 80′s, mowtown, get ready to rock you socks of in this quirky little basement venue.

Casablanca Jazz rooms – Decent back street club!  Soul, Funk, Disco and live bands.

The Volks – near the pier – famous for it’s Drum and bass nights

Oceana – on west street, mainly commercial music, lots of different theme rooms.

Charles St Bar And Envy Club – Gay bar and club opposite Brighton pier.

Revolutions – Various nights throughout the week, popular with stag and hen nights

Madame Geishas – Bar/Club – various dj’s

Revenge - Huge Gay venue opposite Brighton pier,  has loads of nights with PA’s from X factor and Pop acts.

Lola lo – Tiki themed club – various nights on throughout the week.

The Haunt – 80′s nights, Touring clubnights, live acts loads of good stuff here – best check their website for whats on!

Smack -  just off west st – never been – new venue – find em on facebook – looks busy

From the mainstream clubs and pubs of West St to the independent clubs under the arches on the seafront Brighton offers a great night out.  There are also plenty of other venues like the Concorde2 and the Haunt which host excellent live music, acts and Club nights.

With regards to the original question ” where is there a foam party in Brighton”, which we often get asked about via email, there is a gay night, held at “The Revenge” called Girls on Top which host a pretty regular foam party.  We have also worked for several clubs who asked for a foam party in Brighton.

If you can add to the above list of clubs please post!  If you have nothing nice to say, dont!




Just a quick post – as it has been a while :)

As part of our dedication to being the very best foam party operators we have just taken charge of yet another foam machine!  This time its the biggest in the UK!  We gave it a whirl at Bangface weekender (which I have to say was an amazing weekend).  We have attached a video of the beast in action in the main room which was a swimming before the Bangface Crew got their hands on it!

2500 party goers an amazing set and the mother of all foam machines – lets just say it was a spectacular end to a great weekend.

For foam machine hire of any size call us today – we always have the right machine for the your venue – its what we do, and what we have been doing for over 15 years.

Here is the video – insane!!!

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Just thought we would put together a little article about uv paint parties for all those want to know what is a UV paint party?  The following piece starts to give you an idea as to what goes on!  You can also watch our video by clicking here UV paint party video.

As one of the latest crazes to hit the UK and European clubbing scene, UV Paint Parties are an experience like no other. Already popular amongst the clubbing crowd across the globe, UV Paint Parties offer a clubbing experience that is second to none.

Fuelled with adrenaline and an electrifying atmosphere you can bask in the glow of UV paint while partying the night away with your friends.

Being one of the most popular and sought after party nights around you can guarantee to have one of the best nights out you’ve had for a very long time. While getting covered in luminous paint may not be the idea of everyone’s big night out, it is still one of those must do events that should be on everybody’s party time list.

Mixing energetic dance with music and UV paint is the ultimate concoction for fun and an ultimate night of laughter with memories to remember within a living piece of artwork.

Being one of the fastest growing night club adventures around, attending a UV Paint Party is something you will remember with vigour for years to come.

Using ultra violet face and body paint the UK is now seeing a surge of popularity in one of the most unbelievable party experiences you could ever imagine. With festivals, student unions, and nightclubs embracing this thrilling craze there is sure to be a professionally organized UV paint party at a location near you and if there isnt then call us and we will make it happen!

Creating a unique environment that encourages enjoyment and creates interaction from start to finish, UV paint parties offer an opportunity to have fun and glow with the flow.

Offering a fantastic excuse to really let your hair down and indulge in pure fun, take the chance to dress down and take part in one of the messiest, but most memorable events you are ever likely to encounter again.

Bursting onto the scene just over a year ago, UV paint parties exploded into the night life scene and has grown in popularity ever since. Being one of the most sought after night time events around, clubs and event organisers are experiencing an abundance of sell out nights all over the UK.

There is no doubt that paint parties will have you buzzing with an electrical excitement from the very first splash of paint that you feel. Be amazed at the streams of colour cascading from above the central dance floor as the captivating streams of paint awaken all of your senses.

As UV paint parties take the UK by storm, the fascinations and popularity is easy to see. Offering a night of energetic fun, paint parties are an extraordinary experience that you and your friends will never forget.


This article is available on our main site but we thought we would re-write it and put in on our blog too… If you are going to share this with others please link back to the original article! x

What am I going to wear at a Foam Party?

So you’ve got your ticket and you and your friends are getting ready for the best night your local night club has hosted in a very long time. As with any event, the first thing you do is dive into your wardrobein an effort to find something suitable to wear. But then comes the dilemma; what are you supposed to you wear at a foam party? Firstly you have to remember that you’re going to get wet so keep any clothing light and tight fitting.  The following is some general advice and ideas of what to wear to look your best:


For the boys….

As most foam parties take place in the summer months, wearing shorts, t-shirts and beachwear is advisable, but don’t be afraid to have fun with your choice of attire. You may want to complete your summer beach look with goggles, a snorkel or even a swimming cap.  For those that are feeling really brave why not wear your normal clothes then strip down to a pair of speedo’s when the foam starts? Just put your dry clothes in the cloakroom and change into them at the end of the night. We have also seen people turn up in a full suit and tie – they stood out as well – hope it wasn’t their Sunday best!


For the girls….

Again you should be thinking of practical summer type clothing that will sit well into the night club surroundings. Short skirt, hot pants, a bikini top, vest tops are all great options. Remember to keep make-up to a minimum and waterproof mascara is an absolute must.Although you may love to wear your killer heels on a night out, it’s probably best to leave those at home for the night and opt for some simple flip flops, flats or pumps.  If you really feel the need to wear heels make sure they are only small, it could get slippery in the club.


With regards to keeping up appearances, don’t worry too much because everyone is going to get wet – it’s all part of the fun.  Although saying that, the following ideas will keep you looking at your best and will stop you getting that dreaded drowned rat look!


  • Tie back your hair – possibly into a messy bun, pony tail or plat.
  • A good pair of shades wouldn’t go amiss.
  • Keep make-up to a minimum and make sure the make-up you wear is waterproof.
  • White tops can become see-through so wear a bikini or swimsuit underneath.
  • Remember flat shoes will stop you slipping.

Handbag essentials – You may be going to a foam party but a handbag is still a must, and the contents are important too. Remember to bring along a hairbrush and your waterproof mascara. Invest in a plastic zip-lock bag to keep your mobile phone/camera dry.

As well as knowing what to wear to a foam party, it’s also essential to know what not to wear:

Anything suede – suede is one of those materials that does not react well to getting wet at the best of times – so avoid suede shoes and jackets.

Leather jackets – again for similar reasons to suede leather can get wet but it can leave a “tide mark” when it dries.

Wool – Woollen items will misshape as it dries and will be uncomfortably heavy when it gets wet.

Another good idea would be to take a bag of dry clothes with you for the journey home. Something as simple as a nice dry t-shirt will be sufficient enough. Even if the weather outside is baking it will still be a more comfortable option to change your top for the way home.  Watch how envious your friends are when you conjure up that dry item at the end of the night.  To keep any clothing dry throughout the evening make use of the cloakroom facilities; they are worth every penny.

A sealer bag is also a good idea to keep phones and cameras safe.


We are really pleased to announce the launch of our new office based in Coventry!  This together with our office based in Scotland means we can now offer exceptional value for money and the very best foam parties across the UK.


For foam parties in Coventry you can still call our main office based on the South coast or email us.  From Coventry we can access the Midlands very easily from Grimsby to Nottingham.  North Wales also becomes easier for us to reach so to do a foam party in any part of Wales call us for a quote!

Remember we are one of the oldest and biggest foam party and nightclub entertainment companies in the UK.  We have worked at nearly every venue that has held a foam party over the years at some point.

Liverpool and Manchester have some world renowned clubs and would love to come and do more work in these awesome cities (I have had some very blurry nights out up there before).  A foam party in Manchester is now a lot easier for us to deliver and means we don’t need lodgings or an uncomfortable night in the van!  Likewise a few more foam parties in Liverpool wouldn’t go amiss!  Liverpool is a great city with an amazing nightlife and some truly amazing nightclubs.

As per usual we pride ourselves on delivering exactly what our customers want foam & foam parties!

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This article advises the best and easiest ways to hold a sweet sixteen foam party or any other under 18 birthday foam party.

We get lots of calls from parents and 15 year olds wanting to hold a foam party but don’t know the best way to go about it the following details, from experience the best way and most cost effective ways of doing it!

The Nightclub option:

The main ingredients for a successful foam party are a DJ, plenty of foam, lighting, loads of guests and maybe some UV lights!

Plenty of foam is easy!  Contact us to sort it for you.

With regards to a venue we always get asked can we do one in a village hall?  We can, but there are lots of safety concerns that both we and the hall owners need to address before a party can take place.  We have found the most cost effective way to solve the venue issue, as well as the DJ and lighting, is to hire your local nightclub!

Many nightclubs are only open three out of seven nights which means they have 4 nights which they will be available for private hire.  A nightclub will have a resident DJ and all the lights are in place.  Invariably they host a couple of foam parties a year anyway so know how to get their venues ready.  This option also means that you haven’t got to clean anything up, risk damage to your property or have to control guests so much as door staff will do this for you! Perfect!

What happens if I haven’t got a nightclub near me?

The alternative to the above is to bring in our mobile nightclub / mobile foam party!  We have put together many really good sweet sixteen foam parties in marquees, outdoors in our foam pit or in outbuildings.  As long as you have a suitable venue space – we can organise the rest!  We have run a successful DJ agency for years and have a really impressive mobile disco rig.  Over the years we have held foam parties in all kinds of buildings and marquees….  Call us and see how we can help you!

Labrinth @ surrey UV paint party

UV paint party organisers

Well, where do I start???  What a few weeks we have had here at!  It’s June, it’s the end of term and it’s time to pull out all the stops and deliver some truly amazing end of year shows.

Luminosity has been going from strength to strength; our shows have been extremely well received and we have sold out the 1500 capacity venues on the last three events we have done!!! Last week saw Labrinth wanting to be part of the Luminosity crew and for his encore we came on stage and started the paint party whilst he belted out Earthquake to 1500 bouncing students!!  A night to be remembered!

We have also launched our foam vs paint show where (funnily enough) we combine, yes thats right, foam and paint!  We are very proud of our new stage set which has been specially made for this show and also our new outfits!  The show would make a perfect freshers event and comes as a complete package with marketing support and specialist student crowd DJ.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements for Freshers as we have plenty to offer and based on previous events our shows are guaranteed to sell out!

Why book with us?  Well….

We offer complete packages (dj, stage set, marketing, performers, outfits, shop etc.) -

We have been in this business longer than all the others combined having offered foam parties since the early nineties.

We are reliable, on time, insured and HSE aware.

We sell out venues and are the most liked UK paint party companyon Facebook – 1300 fans and growing.

We will be mailing out to all universities in the next week or so giving you a whole host of party ideas / themes which will be available from us.

Until then, adios amigos!



As per usual the bank holiday is going to be a busy and we are nearly fully booked for what is looking like an amazing weekend!

Foam parties have always been a favourite for promoters and nightclub owners – particularly on the Sunday as something special has to be pulled out the bag!   With weather like this what could be better than a foam party for that something special and just a little different to the usual club night.

This Bank holiday is a little unusual as we have also got the Tuesday off too!!

We are also pleased to launch our newest night this weekend which has been a few months in the making…  We will be going back to Essex uni with not only our luminosity paint party show but also a full armoury of foam cannons and generators – its going to be out of this world!

We will report back after the weekend with pictures of the carnage on the campus!

Have a great weekend and a congratulations to our Queen for reaching 60 years on the throne!

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We felt our old site was… well a little bit old and have now put together a brand new one!

Our focus will always be on offering the very best foam parties in the UK and Europe but as you can now see from our all singing all dancing site we have alot more to offer including the launch of Luminosity – our UK paint party tour.  We also have a lots more ideas that are brewing away at the moment – but watch this space as there are some very exciting things on the horizon…

I wont waffle on here too much as I am sure there is plenty of other waffle to look at elsewhere on the site!

Until the next time, thanks for looking.

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