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What to wear at a paint party?

So you are going to a UV paint party…  You are going to get paint on you so you need to be prepared (clothing wise) for the night.  You can read a bit more about what a paint party is here.

Wear flat shoes
Tie your hair back
Buy a decent boiler suit
Buy UV facepaint
Wear white clothes
Wear fluorescent clothing
Wear freaky white masks
Consider wearing shorts
Tie you hair back
Put your important belongings i.e. phone in a ziplock/plastic bag
Consider wearing  a morphsuit

Wear heels
Wear your best clothes
Put on your brand new trainers
Be frightened to wear old skool ravers wear!
Forget to put some nice clean clothes in the cloakroom for after the party – or the after party! (you don’t want taxi drivers turning you away because you are too messy!)
Wear anything suede – it will probably get ruined.

Although our Luminosity UV paint is non-toxic and non-staining it can still stain some fabrics so it’s best not to take any chances.  So basically don’t wear your new £150 jumper – it’s not that type of night!

Wearing cheap white or UV fluorescent clothing is a good move.  The white and the fluorescent clothing will look great under the UV lights.  You can buy quite nice cheap white clothing from places such as Primark, H&M and other places on the high street.  If you decide to wear something that is of reasonably good quality then we always sell boiler suits at our events. Be warned – Do not buy the suits from the poundshop they invariably do not keep the paint out!!!

Regarding footwear, wear an old pair of trainers or flat shoes.  We always provide non slip matting at our events because the paint can get extremely slippery and after a few shandy’s you have got no chance!  Wearing heels to an event like this is a bad idea!!

This is not a be all and end all list…  If you can add anything to it please let us know :)