We are really pleased to announce the launch of our new office based in Coventry!  This together with our office based in Scotland means we can now offer exceptional value for money and the very best foam parties across the UK.


For foam parties in Coventry you can still call our main office based on the South coast or email us.  From Coventry we can access the Midlands very easily from Grimsby to Nottingham.  North Wales also becomes easier for us to reach so to do a foam party in any part of Wales call us for a quote!

Remember we are one of the oldest and biggest foam party and nightclub entertainment companies in the UK.  We have worked at nearly every venue that has held a foam party over the years at some point.

Liverpool and Manchester have some world renowned clubs and would love to come and do more work in these awesome cities (I have had some very blurry nights out up there before).  A foam party in Manchester is now a lot easier for us to deliver and means we don’t need lodgings or an uncomfortable night in the van!  Likewise a few more foam parties in Liverpool wouldn’t go amiss!  Liverpool is a great city with an amazing nightlife and some truly amazing nightclubs.

As per usual we pride ourselves on delivering exactly what our customers want foam & foam parties!

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