Paint party

  • UV Paint parties are the newest and most sought after nightclub theme at the moment having proved an amazing night out at events across the world we can now offer them in the UK.  We mix music, dance and paint to create a living piece of artwork in your nightclub!

    The demand from student nights in particular has been immense…  We have sold out venues and have been told that our night is the best some venues have ever held!

    We have a huge range of firing equipment and offer a full stage show, complete club branding and UV Lighting. We can also provide uv dancers, fire and sparks show and other elements to set you apart from the competition. 

    As leaders in nightclub theme nights and events for over 15 years we can also help with promotion and marketing of you events and have marketing material including paint party flyers and poster templates.

    Our packages are complete solutions making it very easy for venues or promoters to deliver an outrageous night of fun. We also tick all the boxes in relation to safety and protecting venues and can satisfy event the most stringent HSE officer.  Safety at all our nights is of paramount importance.  Our paint is water soluable, non toxic, and will not irritate the eyes or skin. 

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