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Labrinth @ surrey UV paint party

UV paint party organisers

Well, where do I start???  What a few weeks we have had here at foam-party.co.uk!  It’s June, it’s the end of term and it’s time to pull out all the stops and deliver some truly amazing end of year shows.

Luminosity has been going from strength to strength; our shows have been extremely well received and we have sold out the 1500 capacity venues on the last three events we have done!!! Last week saw Labrinth wanting to be part of the Luminosity crew and for his encore we came on stage and started the paint party whilst he belted out Earthquake to 1500 bouncing students!!  A night to be remembered!

We have also launched our foam vs paint show where (funnily enough) we combine, yes thats right, foam and paint!  We are very proud of our new stage set which has been specially made for this show and also our new outfits!  The show would make a perfect freshers event and comes as a complete package with marketing support and specialist student crowd DJ.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements for Freshers as we have plenty to offer and based on previous events our shows are guaranteed to sell out!

Why book with us?  Well….

We offer complete packages (dj, stage set, marketing, performers, outfits, shop etc.) -

We have been in this business longer than all the others combined having offered foam parties since the early nineties.

We are reliable, on time, insured and HSE aware.

We sell out venues and are the most liked UK paint party companyon Facebook – 1300 fans and growing.

We will be mailing out to all universities in the next week or so giving you a whole host of party ideas / themes which will be available from us.

Until then, adios amigos!