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What am I going to wear at a Foam Party?

So you’ve got your ticket and you and your friends are getting ready for the best night your local night club has hosted in a very long time. As with any event, the first thing you do is dive into your wardrobein an effort to find something suitable to wear. But then comes the dilemma; what are you supposed to you wear at a foam party? Firstly you have to remember that you’re going to get wet so keep any clothing light and tight fitting.  The following is some general advice and ideas of what to wear to look your best:


For the boys….

As most foam parties take place in the summer months, wearing shorts, t-shirts and beachwear is advisable, but don’t be afraid to have fun with your choice of attire. You may want to complete your summer beach look with goggles, a snorkel or even a swimming cap.  For those that are feeling really brave why not wear your normal clothes then strip down to a pair of speedo’s when the foam starts? Just put your dry clothes in the cloakroom and change into them at the end of the night. We have also seen people turn up in a full suit and tie – they stood out as well – hope it wasn’t their Sunday best!


For the girls….

Again you should be thinking of practical summer type clothing that will sit well into the night club surroundings. Short skirt, hot pants, a bikini top, vest tops are all great options. Remember to keep make-up to a minimum and waterproof mascara is an absolute must.Although you may love to wear your killer heels on a night out, it’s probably best to leave those at home for the night and opt for some simple flip flops, flats or pumps.  If you really feel the need to wear heels make sure they are only small, it could get slippery in the club.


With regards to keeping up appearances, don’t worry too much because everyone is going to get wet – it’s all part of the fun.  Although saying that, the following ideas will keep you looking at your best and will stop you getting that dreaded drowned rat look!


  • Tie back your hair – possibly into a messy bun, pony tail or plat.
  • A good pair of shades wouldn’t go amiss.
  • Keep make-up to a minimum and make sure the make-up you wear is waterproof.
  • White tops can become see-through so wear a bikini or swimsuit underneath.
  • Remember flat shoes will stop you slipping.

Handbag essentials – You may be going to a foam party but a handbag is still a must, and the contents are important too. Remember to bring along a hairbrush and your waterproof mascara. Invest in a plastic zip-lock bag to keep your mobile phone/camera dry.

As well as knowing what to wear to a foam party, it’s also essential to know what not to wear:

Anything suede – suede is one of those materials that does not react well to getting wet at the best of times – so avoid suede shoes and jackets.

Leather jackets – again for similar reasons to suede leather can get wet but it can leave a “tide mark” when it dries.

Wool – Woollen items will misshape as it dries and will be uncomfortably heavy when it gets wet.

Another good idea would be to take a bag of dry clothes with you for the journey home. Something as simple as a nice dry t-shirt will be sufficient enough. Even if the weather outside is baking it will still be a more comfortable option to change your top for the way home.  Watch how envious your friends are when you conjure up that dry item at the end of the night.  To keep any clothing dry throughout the evening make use of the cloakroom facilities; they are worth every penny.

A sealer bag is also a good idea to keep phones and cameras safe.