How to Organise a foam party

  • We are committed at to improving and helping foam parties and foam party nights be a success. We have compiled the following page on our website as a resource for club promoters and nightclub owners and operators.

    Firstly set the date for the first party and decide what target market you are after.
    It could be one of the following:

    Under eighteens – particularly good for a midweek session
    Student night – particularly good for a midweek session
    Bank holiday special - particularly good for a bank holiday :)
    Ibiza themed night
    Gay night
    Freshers parties

    Think of a name for your night e.g. submersion, babes and bubbles, studs in suds, lovely bubbly, foamalicious, bubble bath.

    Foam parties are something a little different for your customers and are proven to increase footfall by up to 40%. By adding just a pound to your usual entry fee usually covers our charges and many clubs we work with increase the entry fee by much more than that and still have one in one out most of the night.

    Promotion is one of the main ingredients to making the evening a success a busy club set the atmosphere, fills the dancefloor and fills the tills! We have a large amount of stock images and design elements which are available free to your poster and flyer designer. We also have some poster and flyer templates if you are in need of a promotional material in a hurry.

    If you are planning to hold foam parties as a regular event, especially if you are the only club in your vicinity holding foam parties it might be a nice idea to hand out promotional space blankets to clubbers when they leave the club other promotional ideas are listed below. This will re-enforce that your club is the one to go for foam parties – get in there quick before your competitors beat you to it. also has an in house designer which can design your promotional material and on top of all of that we can even print flyers and posters too!!!

    Here are some example rates:

    5000 x A6 full colour two sided flyers - £129 (Usual turn around time is 5 working days.)

    100 x AO black on dayglo posters - £129inc (Usual turn around time is 5 working days.)

    100 x A3 full colour litho posters - £245inc (Usual turn around time is 5 working days.)

    500 x 6inch printed glowsticks - £525

    250 x 1colour beermats - £160

    Get busy promoting the night!

    Next call on 07771 737138 and discuss which type of machines are best for your venue type and size. We have years of experience in all types of venues and locations and can suggest the best package for you within your budget.

    Make sure everyone knows what they are doing on the night. e.g.
    The DJ – what time to announce the foam – get everyone chanting for the foam etc.
    Security – make sure no one takes glasses in to the foam area etc.
    The club manager – where the foam tanks and cannons are to be located etc.
    Promoter – what extras are going to be laid on to make the night extra special, are you going have bubble machines projecting bubbles across the street to attract passing trade etc.

    We believe we are the UK experts on foam parties and know that if your night is fun, memorable and profitable we can repeat the process and increase business for all concerned.

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