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This article advises the best and easiest ways to hold a sweet sixteen foam party or any other under 18 birthday foam party.

We get lots of calls from parents and 15 year olds wanting to hold a foam party but don’t know the best way to go about it the following details, from experience the best way and most cost effective ways of doing it!

The Nightclub option:

The main ingredients for a successful foam party are a DJ, plenty of foam, lighting, loads of guests and maybe some UV lights!

Plenty of foam is easy!  Contact us to sort it for you.

With regards to a venue we always get asked can we do one in a village hall?  We can, but there are lots of safety concerns that both we and the hall owners need to address before a party can take place.  We have found the most cost effective way to solve the venue issue, as well as the DJ and lighting, is to hire your local nightclub!

Many nightclubs are only open three out of seven nights which means they have 4 nights which they will be available for private hire.  A nightclub will have a resident DJ and all the lights are in place.  Invariably they host a couple of foam parties a year anyway so know how to get their venues ready.  This option also means that you haven’t got to clean anything up, risk damage to your property or have to control guests so much as door staff will do this for you! Perfect!

What happens if I haven’t got a nightclub near me?

The alternative to the above is to bring in our mobile nightclub / mobile foam party!  We have put together many really good sweet sixteen foam parties in marquees, outdoors in our foam pit or in outbuildings.  As long as you have a suitable venue space – we can organise the rest!  We have run a successful DJ agency for years and have a really impressive mobile disco rig.  Over the years we have held foam parties in all kinds of buildings and marquees….  Call us and see how we can help you!