About us

  • Here at www.foam-party.co.uk we pride ourselves on creating a bespoke experience every time we go to a new venue. Every venue we go to is different and has a different set of needs. To create the perfect night we decide which foam machines are going to work best in your venue and create the effect you and your customers want. You can see more about the machine we have to offer on our foam machine page.

    On arriving at the venue our operator will assess for any potential health and safety considerations and discuss with you the best position for the machines(sometimes this has already been done in advance)

    The foam machines are then put in place and secured/fenced of etc as necessary. We will then fill the tank and mix the foam fluid. Please note we will need access to a good water supply as near to the tank as possible. A fire hose is best but we will supply our own hose and can take a feed from a back bar or kitchen or maybe a cellar. We cannot use standard club toilet taps.

    Once the tanks are filled and ready to go we will then take any further action to ensure safety before guests arrive. i.e. putting up disclaimers, safety signage etc.

    We then like to take five minutes to chat to the DJ, the head of security, the club manager and the promoter this way we can ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the night and everyone has a clear vision of how the night is to run.

    We want the night to be a big success and regularly work with clubs who put on several nights throughout the summer season. Every single night needs to run like clockwork and be a success to ensure customers are eager to come back for the next BIG foam party.

    Most promoters need only add £1 to their existing entry fee to cover our cost and usually see a marked increase in footfall anything upto 40% compared to a standard club night.

    Foam parties are a big pull at anytime particularly the following:
    • Student nights
    • Gay nights
    • Midweek sessions
    • Under 18 events
    • Freshers week

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