UV Paint Parties

    UV paint parties are taking the world by storm and we are at the forefront of this new and exciting concept in messy clubbing! We have launched Luminosity which is a complete touring show for large venues and nightclubs. We offer the complete package with marketing, promotion and delivery.

    Our shows include a full range of effects and the most UV reactive paint ever!!! You will have never heard noise like it as the crowd almost beg for the paint! A trully amazing show that will go down in the history as one of the best inyour club!

    This is the #1 most sought after event after the foam party that students are literally going crazy for! We are selling out venues and having an amazing time!

    As usual with everything we do, we take safety and protection of venues and patrons seriously, our paint is non toxic, water based, safe to the skin and eyes. We supply rubber matting to cover the floor and perform full risk assessments.

    Please join us on facebook - we now have over 1800 likes and we are making new friends everyday click here to take a look uv paint party

    Luminosity is like nothing else with full production and a whole host of special effects, to experience the what Luminosity has to offer WATCH THIS!

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