Snow Machine Hire

If you want snow machine hire then you have arrived at the right place! Whatever the occasion we have the right machine for you, seriously, we do!

There are a wide range of machines available on the market, the good, the bad an the ugly. We have tested most of them out over the years and are confident we offer the best there is out there.

Depending on what you wish to use the machines for or what types of falling snow effect you are after determines the machine we will advise you to use. Typical applications are as follows: theatres, christmas lights switch on, music videos, films, weddings, snow parties in nightclubs xmas events and parties. If you want the right snow machine hire from us.

We have even used these machines to simulate additional foam for promotional activities. We were involved with the worlds biggest shower for Lynx in 2011 providing foam effects at V festival. They only required small foam pieces so our normal foam machines were out of the question. We provided our snow machines which were perfect for the job and added to the whole experience.

Snow machine hire is also an easy way to get snow into you video shoots and xmas photography even if its in the middle of summer. We can literally make it seem like its snowing anywhere and anytime.


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