Jelly Wrestling

  • Jelly Wrestling is massive in Australia, huge in America and when students, pubs and clubs realise its now over here it going to big!
  • Jelly wrestling is as much about participation as it is specatating for both men and women! Its a slippery, fun-filled, sexy sport and which provides a real talking point.
  • We are flexible with our services in regard to jelly wrestling in the UK. We can either offer a DIY kit which we can send to you or we can help organise a full show/competition giving away prizes at the end.

In our DIY kits we have put together everything you need to run a sucessful and profitable event. Please give us a call to discuss your plans and we will show you the ropes!

We sell the following items: Jelly wrestling kits, DIY jelly wrestling packs, Jelly Wrestling Mix, Pools and also offer a full event service with wrestlers, compere and production kit. We only provide the very best and safest jelly - you are going to get covered in this stuff - dont compromise!

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