fragranced Foam party

    A.K.A Scented foam party.

  • Here at foam party HQ we are always thinking of new and exciting ways to improve our foam parties.  We have some venues who offer a foam party every week and with the addition of fragrances we can add a whole new twist to these incredible party nights.  Having the addition of a fragrance also helps your design guys/girls with marketing your night, as well as giving customers something, new and a reason to talk about your night.

    We have listed our foam party fragrances here-

    The old favourite flavours are:
    Strawberry Foam party
    Melon Foam Party
    Cherry Foam Party
    Banana Foam Party
    Vanilla Foam Party
    Bubblegum Foam Party
    Chocolate Foam Party
    Chocolate Orange Foam Party
    Melon flavoured Foam Party
    Pineapple scented Foam Party
    Coconut Foam Party
    Pina Colada flavoured Foam Party
    Sun, Sea and suntan oil Foam Party

    We also have some new flavours for 2011/12
    Christmas Foam Party
    Cola Foam Party
    Lemon Foam Party
    Warm Apple Pie Foam Party
    Cinnamon Bun Foam Party
    Pear Drops Foam Party

  • We can also use our fragrances for snow machines as well. Imagine a christmas lights switch on event with loads of snow and the distinct smells of christmas as well! A truly multisensory, experiential event. Call us to add the wow factor to your event/party.
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